Dr. Kathleen Watland

Dr. Kathleen Watland

Decana de la Facultad de Negocios

College of Business

Office: Cunningham Business Center, 103

Academic Degrees

Doctorate, Loyola University, Chicago IL 2002

Masters, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 1993

Bachelors, University of Illinois, Champaign IL 1983

Professional Experience

I have worked with dozens of nonprofit and for-profit clients on topics related leadership development, performance management, coaching, learning in the work place and training.

Associate Dean and Professor, Department Chair, Program Director for Chicago Police Department Programs, Assistant Professor

Saint Xavier University, Chicago August, 1987 through June 2017

Selected Publications/Presentations

I have made more than 50 presentations throughout the United States and internationally on research and topics related to leadership, management, organizational behavior, organizational development, training and learning in the workplace, teaching effectiveness, faculty development, and student engagement.

I have more than two dozen publications since 2007. A sample list of publication includes:

Kresse, W.,Watland, K.H., (2016) Thinking Out of the Box Office: Using Classic Movies to Teach Management Skills. Journal of Learning in Higher Education. Volume 12, Number 1.

Watland, K.H., Santori, D., (2014) Say “yes and” to Students Learning about Teamwork. Using Improv in the College Classroom to Build Teamwork Skills. International Journal of Learning. Volume 10, Number 2.

Watland, K.H., (2012) Just tell us what you want! Using rubrics to help MBA students become better performance managers. Transformative Dialogues-Teaching and Learning Journal. Volume 6, Number 1.

Watland, K.H., (2009) What’s Type got to do with it? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a Tool for Leadership Development in Management Educations Programs. Transformative Dialogues-Teaching and Learning Journal. Volume 2, Number 3.

Watland, K.H., Kresse, W., Hallenbeck, S., (2008) Breaking Bread and Breaking Boundaries: A case study on increasing organizational learning opportunities and fostering Communities of Practice through sharing meals in an academic program. Performance Improvement Quarterly, Spring.

Additional Information

I am qualified/experienced in an array of assessment instruments including MBTI, FIRO B, LEAD, EQi and others.

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